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Insurance and Reinsurance

The Insurance and Reinsurance practice area places BGBG as one of the leading insurance law rms in Mexico. Our practice includes legal and compliance counsel to insurance and reinsurance institutions and insurance and bonding agents, as well as to corporations linked to the insurance sector in legal and compli- ance practice areas. Additionally, several of our lawyers pro- vide services as secondments of insur- ance agents in Mexico.


  • - Obtaining and maintenance of concessions and authorizations in the telecommunications and broadcasting area.
  • - Telecommunications, software, content, and interconnection agreements, among others..
  • - Content and technology regulatory aspects.
  • - Economic competition matters related to telecommunications. National and international public bids.
  • - Representation of telecommunication companies and governments at international organizations and conferences.
  • - Government relations with the regulatory body and other authorities.
  • - Legal and regulatory counsel on broadband and internet services, provision of information society services, digital platforms, and e-commerce.



Agustín Manuel Chávez 1-001
Centro de Ciudad de Santa Fe
México, D.F., 01210
Tel. +52 (55) 5292 5232


Avenida de Brasil, 29 - 1º
28020 Madrid, España
Tel. +34 91 192 0017