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The firm’s client base is Mexican, Latin American, American, Canadian, Asian and European. BGBG’s clients are distinguished for their knowledge base, impact and influence in the markets in which they participate. Every one of them obtains from BGBG its signature accurate, highly specialized, personal service that is provided to the client from beginning to end. 


Bondholder Companies

Cable TV Companies

Call Centers

Commercial Software Companies

Construction Industry

Corporations Involved in Research and Development of Electronic and Mechanical Technology

Cosmetic Manufacturers

Electronic Data Interchange Service Providers (EDI)

Financial Advisors

Financial Groups

Foreign Governments

Higher Education Institutions Specialized in Intellectual Property, Information Technologies and Communications (TIC)

Insurance Companies

Internet Content Developers

Investment Companies

Message Transmission Software Developers

Music Producers

Natural Products Providers

Network Connectivity Companies

One on One Marketing Services

Pharmaceutical Industry

Railroads and Transportation Companies

Representative Offices

Satellite Operators (Fixed, Mobile and L-Band Services)

Satellite Equipment Providers

Trading Companies

Telecommunications Software Developers