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BGBG Law opens office in Queretaro on 2018.

Bello Gallardo Bonequi & García opens office in Queretaro on 2018.


In response to Queretaro’s economic growth, Mexico City-based firm Bello Gallardo Bonequi & García (“BGBG”) has opened an office in Queretaro. The office will be led by Samuel Rivero and marks the inaugural opening of the firm in Queretaro and the Bajio area, one of the fastest economic growing areas in Mexico and Latin America. Rivero has a solid experience in the financial industry leading compliance departments in large banks and financial entities in Mexico, he is a certified Compliance Officer on Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing by the National Banking and Securities Commission in Mexico.

In the past few years, several local and multi-national companies have arrived to make business in Queretaro and the Bajio area because of its business-friendly environment, open and export-oriented economy. Therefore, more companies are looking for specialized legal services in Queretaro to support their operations.

Queretaro is considered the gateway to the Bajio area, comprising the Mexican states of Queretaro, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi and Aguascalientes, which have experienced an important GDP growth in the recent years, comparable to those jurisdictions of the Far East Asia, such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea.

With our new representative office, we may team up with those clients directly in Queretaro and the Bajio area. Our intention is to continue building relationships with clients that need specialized legal advice directly in Queretaro or otherwise. With our new office, we will be able to maintain close relationships with these companies in Queretaro and the Bajio area.

BGBG currently provides legal services to several local and multi-national companies in Mexico and Queretaro. The firm will offer all its practice areas in Queretaro, and partners in Mexico will travel to Queretaro to offer their expertise as needed.

Miguel Gallardo Guerra

Samuel Uziel Rivero Prado

Prol. Tecnológico 950, Piso 5, San Pablo Santiago de Querétaro, Qro. 76159

+52 (442) 980 0241      I       I