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Miguel Gallardo interviewed by Euromoney regarding Mexico’s banks brace for Trump stress test.

Miguel Gallardo interviewed by Euromoney regarding Mexico’s banks brace for Trump stress test.

March 3rd, 2017 / Banking and Finance


Get to know the opinion of Miguel Gallardo Guerra, Partner of the mexcian law firm BGBG Head of the Banking and Finance interviewed by Euromoney about the stress test that Mexico’s banks since the beginning of the mandate of the President of the United States of America , Donald Trump.

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“If the US takes a much stricter approach to NAFTA, then Mexico might decide to enforce a much stricter policy regarding foreign institutions and try to promote the Mexican banking institutions as much as possible,” says Miguel Gallardo Guerra, partner and head of banking and finance at Mexican law firm BGBG. “In that scenario, you would probably see new domestic players enter the Mexican market.”

–Miguel Gallardo Guerra, Head of Banking and Finance.