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BGBG en el “ACI’s 4th Mexico Summit on Anti-Corruption”.

BGBG en el “ACI’s 4th Mexico Summit on Anti-Corruption”.

11 de enero de 2017 / Financiero y Bancario



Con gusto hacemos de su conocimiento que nuestro socio de BGBG, Miguel Gallardo Guerra, Director del área de Derecho Financiero y Bancario participará como orador en el “4th Mexico Summit on Anti-Corruption” organizado por el American Conference Institute, que tendrá lugar en la ciudad de México del 28 al 29 de marzo de 2017 .


Nuestro socio formará parte del panel en la conferencia “How to Minimize Pitfalls When Working with Municipalities: Focus on Business Licenses and Permits Granting” que se llevará a cabo a las 12 horas del 28 de marzo, donde se hablará de los siguientes temas:

  • How to interpret the legal framework in which municipalities may issue permits and licenses.
  • How to identify fabricated requests: Understanding what licenses, permits, or certifications are legally required and how they differ across municipalities.
  • How to identify key risk areas when working with local government during the approval process and strategies on how to deal with different government agencies.
  • What supporting documentation should you ask for to prevent lapses that might lead to an anti-corruption violation and how it differs on the local vs. federal levels?
  • How to tailor your controls and procedures to the risks presented by different municipalities within Mexico.
  • When to report potential difficulties related to bribery and when to involve the federal government?



Corruption is said to be an endemic phenomenon that pervades Mexican society. It goes unsaid that it is also not good for business, which is why all eyes are now on the upcoming implementation of the El Sistema Nacional Anticorrupción. Mexico’s new anti-bribery legislation will have a major impact across the board from multinationals to law firms, and ACI is offering a unique opportunity to learn how these changes are expected to play out:

  • Implementation the New Anti-Corruption System: An analysis of whether the administration is dedicating the appropriate resources to “make it work”
  • How Companies and Firms Can Prepare for the New System: The top 5 practical tips
  • USDOJ and SEC Enforcement Update: Who are the targets in Mexico, what industries are under investigation, and how are US and local authorities cooperating
  • Managing Third Party Due Diligence and Auditing: A special focus on transparency of ownership, data privacy and risks posed by unavailability of information
  • ISO 37001: How corporations can sync their compliance programs with the new international standard and what it means for multinationals’ anti-bribery efforts
  • An Inside Look at Effective Risk Assessment across the Compliance, Legal and Accounting functions
  • The Modus Operandi of Corruption: Detecting bribery schemes and high risk structures that could trigger an investigation of your company
  • Gifts, Entertainment & Hospitality Facts and Hypotheticals: How to handle complex relationship-building scenarios specific to Mexico
    • Where companies go wrong with internal investigations and how to minimize risk upon suspicion of corrupt conduct
    • How to establish an effective whistleblower protocol and navigate Mexico’s complex employment legislation


En el siguiente enlace les compartimos la agenda del evento.

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